Saturday, April 13, 2013

Step 8: Broken Plate Mosaic Mirrors

Step 8: Made a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all.

In this creative project, like in this step, we sort through the damage of our past to assess where we have been at fault.  We don't actually make any amends in this step, but we look at what amends may need to be made.  This process helps us to gain a clearer image of ourselves, thus my inclusion of the mirror element to this creative project.  I chose attractive or meaningful ceramics to break, which also reflects my love for the people who have made it onto my amends list.

Supplies needed:

1.  Lay rag or bag out on hard surface (you may want to use a piece of plywood if you don't have a hard surface you are willing to potential leave marks on).

2.  Place your ceramic plate, face down on the rag or in the bag.  Wrap the plate in the rag.

3.  Put your goggles on.

4.  Hammer the center of the plate.

5.  Unfold the rag to view your shards.  

6.  If the pieces are still too large, you can hammer them again, such as with this cup:

The first crack at it, didn't break it into small enough pieces, so I repositioned the pieces and took a second crack at it:

For the smaller items, I felt through the fabric of the bag to find the best place to hammer.  For plates, I found the rims along the bottom to be the most effective target.

7.  To create even smaller pieces or more specific shapes, you may prefer to use the tile nippers.  The tile nipper can be used to either break a large piece into smaller pieces or to nibble the edges of a small piece to create a specific shape.

8. Select your favorite shards for use in your mosaic.

9.  Lay your shards of ceramic on the beveled edge of the mirror tile.  Use the tile nippers to shape them to fit together as best you can.

10. Once you have your pieces in place, lift one at a time and apply Weld-bond glue to affix in place.  Apply glue to both the ceramic piece and the mirror and press together.

11.  Allow to dry for one hour.

12.  Throw away the rag or bag you used to collect the shards of ceramic.  Given the potential for cutting yourself with these shards, I do not recommend reusing these items.

Here is what my final mirror mosaic looked like:

This art project was very powerful for me and led to a dream where I made an amends that I was not able to make to the live person whom I'd harmed.  The dream was very healing.  Just like the harms I have done have harmed others, they always also harm myself.  

Although I was nervous, breaking the pretty ceramics, I'm glad that I was able to turn the damage into something beautiful and in the process, develop a clearer reflection of myself - just like in practicing the 8th step!

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