Saturday, November 10, 2012

Recovery Music for Tolerating Sadness

He who hears music, feels his solitude peopled at once. ~Robert Browning

I find music to be an excellent tool for recovery.  Music has the potential to bring forth just about any emotion.  Some songs trigger me and make me want to turn to my addiction.  But when chosen consciously, I have the ability to turn to music that instead inspires me to continue on in my recovery work.  I have multiple playlists on my iPhone that I use at different times.  As I've mentioned before, my recovery has been largely about learning to tolerate uncomfortable feelings.  I think of recovery as strengthening weak muscles of emotions.  If I can tolerate feeling sad for the duration of a song, that delays me - at least for the duration of that song - from turning to a substance or addictive behavior to numb out from that feeling.  I have created playlists for various emotions.  Here is a sampling of the songs on my Feelin' Blue or sad playlist:

If you are feeling blue, but having a hard time sitting with those feelings, check out the songs from this list or consider creating a sad playlist of your own.

What songs would you put on your sad playlist?

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